Kyoto you’re dream

We decided early on we wanted to be open to new experiences that would come our way, as we travelled through the old and the new of Kyoto. We made sure we both wore comfy shoes and stayed hydrated as we moved through the crowded temples, and at time quiet corners and alleys.

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Curves of the Sydney Opera House

She’s big, she is beautiful and widely complex in her construction. She is one of the biggest representation of Australian Architecture, heritage listed and she pulls a big crowd.

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24hr Ramen anyone?

Continuing with the Melbourne theme, I thought I would add a quick mention to a place that can fill anyone’s lonely stomach and late night hunger feels. It is perfect for all the late night workers, midnight students and early birds combined. If they had a place like this near my university, MY GOD, my late night sessions at uni would have been so much more bearable.

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Bananas for Tennis

Australian Open is always a wonder and an experience.Every now and again it’s a heatwave. Which is why I have rightly named this post “bananas for tennis”.

Earlier this year my sister and I decided to make the trip down to the Australian Open, with two of our friends. It was planned a couple of months in advance and I was jumping in my boots with every month that had passed.

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A Summer Stop In Venice

Today I am going to do some reminiscing. In 2013 my family and I went on a little trip to Europe. My mum, sister and I haven’t been and my dad being from Italy haven’t made the trip back for a very long time. Because of my sisters and I University commitments, we schedule the trip to coincide with our break. We decided to do a boat cruise, that would start in Venice and end in Barcelona, but would cruise the Mediterranean. But I will get to the other beautiful countries and cities another time.

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