Magic Object part 2

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Discover Magic Object

I wouldn’t describe myself as a art groupie, and I only have two friends who I would consider a real participator in the arts circles of Adelaide, but none the less I am an art appreciator. So when I heard about the Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art was set to grace the floors of the Art Gallery of South Australia, I couldn’t resist but to visit, not once but twice.

Magic Object is the theme of this years biennial and it exhibition does not stop at the Art Gallery of South Australia, but extends to the Anne & Gordon Samtag Museum of Art at the University of South Australia, JamFactory, Carrick Hill and the Santos Museum of Economics.

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A good friend of mine, Haneen Martin – Founder of Zombie Queen and Consulting, has been working very hard over the last couple of years. She has been doing many jobs, still finishing her architecture degree and she is on her way of becoming a house hold name within the artist circles, and yesterday I was able to get some time on my hands and head down to her latest curating gig for YYK —> ADL (From Yogyakarta to Adelaide)

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When Jean Paul Gaultier came to visit

During January this year, I was lucky enough to be in Melbourne when the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition was showing at the National gallery of Victoria. The exhibition itself was a collection of all his most popular and most renowned pieces. It went through his film collaborations, with stunning costume designs, to his works with Madonna and her world tour.

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