Magic Object part 2

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Discover Magic Object

I wouldn’t describe myself as a art groupie, and I only have two friends who I would consider a real participator in the arts circles of Adelaide, but none the less I am an art appreciator. So when I heard about the Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art was set to grace the floors of the Art Gallery of South Australia, I couldn’t resist but to visit, not once but twice.

Magic Object is the theme of this years biennial and it exhibition does not stop at the Art Gallery of South Australia, but extends to the Anne & Gordon Samtag Museum of Art at the University of South Australia, JamFactory, Carrick Hill and the Santos Museum of Economics.

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The Bowerbird Bazaar

I would like to introduce you to the Bowerbird Bazaar. It has become a gem within the Adelaide community, and its main intention is to connect local designers, artist and sellers to the local Public. A big Etsy market if you will, a hub to support entrepreneur within design, and when Christmas comes around, it is usually the busiest place to be.

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Sundays Coffee

If you are lucky, your Sunday might consist of an early rise up to get to the farmers market, maybe a jog or a walk down to your local cafe or extra hour of sleeping in, and hoping your bed will love you back like a soft toasted marshmallow. But whatever that may be, if you happen to be down south of Adelaide, with a few hours to spare, maybe check out a coffee cellar door by the guys of Dawn Patrol.

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