Kyoto you’re dream

We decided early on we wanted to be open to new experiences that would come our way, as we travelled through the old and the new of Kyoto. We made sure we both wore comfy shoes and stayed hydrated as we moved through the crowded temples, and at time quiet corners and alleys.

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un favorito #02

The Man is Mr Massimo Bottura, and he is the head chef and owner of a restaurant recently named the best in the world, Osteria Francescana, Modena, Italy.

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24hr Ramen anyone?

Continuing with the Melbourne theme, I thought I would add a quick mention to a place that can fill anyone’s lonely stomach and late night hunger feels. It is perfect for all the late night workers, midnight students and early birds combined. If they had a place like this near my university, MY GOD, my late night sessions at uni would have been so much more bearable.

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Today’s mood #05


“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul” – John Muir

First Blog post for 2016, and I know its a long time coming since now we are already in March. How fast our time passes, and without notice it goes by far too quickly. Just coming back for a brief trip to Melbourne, which I thoroughly enjoyed, I think its time for me to look ahead, now uni is behind me, and start making choices for my future. Start really enjoying this freedom and make some changes.

This photo was taken from a bakery near where Peter and I stayed. The pastry was divine and its delicate storage display is a dream. I’m happy to admit I most likely eat more than my fair share of bread on a daily basis, and why not, curves just mean happy eating.


A little dash of Madame Hanoi

After a very stressful week of presentations, hand ins and editing, it was time for some down time, a much need girly catch up and a whole lot of people watching.

Every week in the morning as I head off to University, I would arrive at the train station and walk out towards and along North Terrace (a busy main road that runs through the CBD) and when my day has ended I take the same route back, and each time my eye would always fix on one of the new restaurants that had pop up long the train station. I would always look in but never ventured inside, until now. let me introduce you to Madame Hanoi.

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