un favorito #02

The Man is Mr Massimo Bottura, and he is the head chef and owner of a restaurant recently named the best in the world, Osteria Francescana, Modena, Italy.

One of these days I will pack a suitcase, and journey over and fulfill a dream to sit within the walls of his restaurant, and enjoy the spectacle of his food genius.

He is the revolutionary of Italian gastronomy.

All he had was an idea and the determination to create something that went against the Italian traditional way of cooking, and decided to go forward, and push the boundaries of taste and what was consider familiar. He is passionate about food and taste, and creating a way where food can be used as a memory, as a statement, as art.

His story is an amazing one. He wife Lara Gilmore, is a core part of it. She helped him through his tough days, and not only was she his support, she was the corner stone to his success. Because of her, he stayed in Modena and pursued his dream  and set up his own restaurant. By chance, he was discovered by a renowned food critic of that time, who happen to stumble across his restaurant, due to road blocks, and then the rest is history.

He also managed to revolutionise risotto, with the introduction of Parmigiano Reggiano. Over 1,000 Parmigiano Reggiano wheels were damage in Emilia-Romagna after the region experienced an earthquake. When hope was lost, he created a recipe based on Roman pasta dish called, cacio e pepe. Which introduced the use of Parmigiano Reggiano and swapped out the pasta for rice. This recipe then became popular with use of simple ingredients and simplicity of taste, which in turn helped the factories sell their broken wheels.

He’s a man with a vision and a mountain of energy. And if you haven’t seen Chef Table on Netflix yet, then you better head on over, and sit in enjoy the beautiful edits and stories they have to offer. Not only is it a documentary on Bottura journey, but also an insight to other amazing chefs across the world, who are redefining how we see, experience and eat our food. Click here to see the trailer.

Watch this space, I will soon do a post on Chef Table.

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