24hr Ramen anyone?

Continuing with the Melbourne theme, I thought I would add a quick mention to a place that can fill anyone’s lonely stomach and late night hunger feels. It is perfect for all the late night workers, midnight students and early birds combined. If they had a place like this near my university, MY GOD, my late night sessions at uni would have been so much more bearable.

This wonderful establishment is called Shujinko. In February, by popular demand, they decided to go the full nine yards and open 24/7. Their menu is not large… however it does change when the clock ticks over to 9:00pm, this is done to suit the late night drinkers, and the beers on tap.

I first read about this gem, was on BroadSheet – something that anyone travelling to Melbourne need on their phone and in their back pocket. So being a trusted reader, I thought I should book mark it and make the journey over.

Located on 225 Russell St, this somewhat small restaurant, welcomes each of its guest kindly and with the traditional Japanese greeting. We were luckily enough to find a seat and a table to ourselves. It does fill up during the rush hours, however since they never close, your bound to get a table another time later in the day. Its definitely cosy, and the wooden interior almost takes you away from the busy street outside. Peter and I decided to go with a Ramen each, and dumpling to share.

I went for this lovely beauty, the Shujinko Ramen. The broth was flavourful and meaty, while the noodles were thick and filled me up quick. I’ll admit, there were a lot in the bowl then I thought, it just kept on going. I wonder if we had enough room for the dumplings, as troopers as we were, we did.


Peter went for the Tsukemen Ramen, which was a type of Ramen we haven’t experience before. With this Ramen, you dip your noodles into the broth provided, soak it in and enjoy. The broth is of a seafood base, and between the two of us, it was the best one. The dumpling weren’t bad either.


One happy customer.


After finishing up, and very well satisfied, we headed on out, back into warm Melbourne city. We enjoyed ourselves very much, and the Ramen was probably the best we have tried so far.

So if your looking for a easy bite to eat, with great noodles and beer on the side, this is a go to. Also apologies for the lack of pictures, we were starving and it smelt so good, can you blame us?

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and click through here for more reviews and the menu. 🙂






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