Time for reflection

Its that time of year again where we look back on our 365 days and reflect on how our year has changed us, moved us, challenged us and push us to where we are today. The New Year is the refresh button in our minds that says: okay nothing behind us, something in front of us, just move forward.

But even if last years troubles, pains or worry still follow, at lease start off with a deep breath and continue on.

Don’t worry I’m not going to write about motivating quotes or sayings, you can find many of them online and on Instagram nowadays. But this will just be a journal entry to end my year, and I might go off tangent so bear with me.

I look at my Instagram as a photo journal. I’m not a diary/journal person, I tend to forget I even have a diary. I don’t post every day on Facebook on how crap or how fantastic I’m living my life. On how I cut my hand or a mysterious post on something that had upset me to get comfort. I don’t tweet often, and when I do I find it hard to write something small and witty, so I just write small. Going through my Instagram always brings me memories and reminds me of what I have done, its so useful.

At the very beginning I use to take pictures of things and stuff I had bought, this was a time where Instagram was just starting to take over the world. But when I would look back at these images I felt no real love, and that’s when I started to take photos of moments and memories instead. Yes I still take food shots, I’ll admit. But when your Instagram is not your business or platform for notoriety or fandom, then it should be something of memory, rawness and laughter.

I started off the year with the Australian tennis season, went off to Melbourne and beat the heat to watch great players compete. Then saw the beauty of Jacs family home and its lovely shores. Went on a spontaneous road trip with my sister and cousin to the Flinders Rangers. Graduated for the second time (one more to go!) and traveled over to Sydney for the first time. Shared many treasured family mile stones, an engagement and a wedding. Started this blog, continued with further studies, which brought in new friends and new experiences (best decision I had made this year), As well as reaching two years with Jac.



Don’t get me wrong I had my lows as well, especially with my studies. There was a point where I had no motivation and I was trailing behind, but I allowed myself a small time where I wallowed and moaned, but then stop myself going any further and continued with the job at hand.

I’m at that point where everyone gets to after they have finally finished their studies. Its weird, exciting and sometimes scary, because your on your own and you need to look ahead to see what needs to be done, and what you feel like doing. I feel pressure even now to do something, but at the same time just enjoy the silence and the calm for now.

My 2015 was more than I could have hoped for, and I am glad of every decision and fails I’ve had. All I can do now is post this entry, eat some lunch, clean up, spend time with family, snack heaps, say happy new year to friends and fall asleep. New year in my household are never exciting just relaxing and watching a film.

Though one of my favourite things about the new year is when the TV News do their “The Year that was” reel, it really puts things in perspective, especially on how much the world changes and moves without you knowing.

My final thoughts from 2015 into the new year would be: Be patient, have tolerance, less minding of other peoples shit and get on with your own, and remember curves just means good eating.

Happy New Year Everyone:)


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