un favorito #01

Let me introduce to you Mimi Thorisson, the creator and author of The blog Manger.

I have been following Thorisson for a few years already, and soon, so will you! Ever since I saw the YouTube video she collaborated with Mr Porter, I knew from then my future was set. After I am done with the design business, I will move to France with Peter, to a beautiful country property, with our french bulldog and corgi, and then from there just cook and open a small bistro and take many photos.

Manger is beautifully simple, the photography is like spread sheet for Vogue food and her writing makes you feel invited, relax and almost as if you are her friend at her kitchen table, just listening on how her day went. On some blogs nowadays writing is beginning to get shorter and shorter, and it is such a relief to find someone who puts effort and care in their posts. Thorisson does this well, so I recommend getting comfy and have a treat nearby. Her writing is something I aspire to as I grow this little blog.


Thorisson lives in Médoc with her husband, her growing family and their band of Fox Terriers, Jack Russell’s and one chocolate-colored German pointer. She writes, cooks and has her own cooking show in France. The stunning photography is done by her talented husband, and they also provide cooking workshops that run for about three days, and all you need to do is book your spot, turn up (or travel over) and enjoy the relaxing environment of their kitchen and the flowing wine.

They’re also willing to provide wine tasting and as well as food photography sessions as part of their workshop, something for everyone to hone their skills down.


And yes, I have mentioned this to my significant other, lets just hope he remembers. If not, I’m grabbing a girlfriend, blowing our savings and gladly live the Médoc dream for a few days.


Her cookbook is called A KITCHEN IN FRANCE, A Year of Cooking in My Farmhouse. Her recipes are simple and homely and it also gives that sense of wanting to move towards using seasonal produce and food that your mother or grandmother would pass onto you.

Her blog also provide array of lovely dishes and treats, enough to sink your teeth in.


So if your on your way home or having some time to your own, maybe make yourself a hot beverage and read through her wonderful journal entrances and recipes. You wont regret it. Also here is the video I mention before, enjoy.

Merci de votre visite.


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