Lets talk Aesop

As a ponder and as I search, and as I constantly kept checking for updates, nothing changes. No surprise sales, no secret coupons or deals, and from there I knew I would have to dig into my wallet and understand, I probably will be bringing lunch for the next two weeks to keep my bank balance in check.

I always stared through their beautiful shop windows, like a kid looking into a candy shop. Their interiors are always kept to perfection with unique designs. A combination of warmth, rich materials and strange and beautiful details. Today I am bringing you a little post about Aesop, a brand that was founder in 1987 in Melbourne, which after a few years established their first little store in 2004 and then another store in New York 2011.

I love this brand, like if I had the budget for it I would buy everything, even if it means giving some away to friends and family, to me its my luxury. The botanical scents, the cool old style medicine bottles, and there large range in body and hair care, men shaving kits and pet friendly skin products. As well as their very well known and famous hand wash products and creams, they are always a dream to find in bathrooms.

I am no expert, however constantly being told by magazines and on beauty websites, investing in good skin care, is always better then spending on too many high end make up products. As well as being surrounded by friends with almost clear and beautiful complexion, who don’t need or use too much makeup, this made me envious at times. Though it also influenced me in a good way, to take pride in my skin.

I was never into beauty before in my early years and my concept on makeup is still at the beginners stage, with a few you-tubers at the helm.  It took me a while, a few years even to buy anything from Aesop, since the prices are a bit high for a women on a tight budget. As I looked at more reviews, ingredient content and even going inside for a little chat with the ever so cool sales consultants. I finally took the plunge and went big.


As we spoke, it became apparent the sales consultants really take in what you say and what your skin is doing. They ask questions about your own skin care regime and how your skin reacts to particular products. I have dry and sensitive skin, and was intending to go with a pre-made kit, however ended up going with what the lovely consultant had recommended for me.

For my face


Parsley Seed  facial cleansing oil. It has lovely rich eucalyptus scent, you don’t need much, since you will need mix in a few drops of lukewarm water, to mix the oil into a milky form. Then gently massage it into the skin. Then rinse. It also can work as a gentle make up remover.


B & Tea Balancing Toner. The toners in their range are great for sensitive skin, since they do not contain alcohol. You can pour a few drops onto a cotton pad, or how I like to do it is directly onto the palms of my hands, rub together, then lightly pat onto the face and neck. It does contain the same eucalyptus scent, so if you are sensitive to scents or smells, do go in to try to see what your comfortable with and test it.


Elemental Facial Barrier Cream. This is their most moisturizing facial cream they have. It is very creamy, however can be a little thick to spread onto the skin, so do limit how much you apply as you go. I always put too much. It is very rich and hydrates my skin so well. The same eucalyptus scent is present and very beautiful to smell through the day.

Then when it comes to body care.


A Rose By Any Other Name Body Cleanser. In the shower after a scrub and clean, I usually finish off with a body cleanser, then rinse off. It smells so lovely and really makes my skin feel good after stepping out.


Geranium Leaf Hydrating Body Treatment. Once I am a little dry coming out from the shower, I apply this oil to my skin. I put some in my hands or directly onto my skin and massage in. It might take a little time to dry, so if your not in a hurry and feel like something soothing, apply this and smell the beautiful Geranium leaf, Mandarin rind and Bergamot Rind. It is wonderful to use as a massage oil, or add a few extra drops to the Geranium Leaf Body Balm to give a added boost. Which you can get from their store, and dries a bit more quicker then the oil.

My skin has become better, especially now I am sticking to a good regime and its is acting really well with each of the products. So if your looking for something different or new, do take a look into their stores. The interiors are always beautiful to look at and the smells in the store are a delight, even if it is just a cheeky walk by to try their free samplings of their hand creams.

At the moment, in Australia we are coming into spring time, however the temperature has been quite high already, its ridiculous, so I do have my eye on their Protective Body Lotion SPF 50. Anything around or above SPF 30, in my opinion is the sweet spot. In Australia sun protection is a big deal, and since I already do have a tanned complexion, I have no desire to get my tanning on.

I hope this has been helpful blog post on each of the products. There are links, if you want to know more about ingredient contents and what not.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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