Today’s mood #04


if someone looks at something through rose-tinted glasses, they see only the pleasant parts of it She has always looked at life through rose-tinted glasses.

I’m in my final week of my masters degree, and soon I will have to hand in my final project and take my final bow. After six years, yes I said six, of studying, model making, presenting and late nights, and all nighters, it will soon come to an end. I have experienced, traveled, done and seen so much during my time at my University. However I have also experienced some lows, dealing with my constant negative thoughts, body issues, navigating the social game, new friends becoming lost friends, physical and mental exhaustion. As well as being in a course that is subjective, confidence draining, life consuming and highly dependent on your projects appearance and your own verbal confidence. But that’s just design for you.

But no matter, I shall look back on my years through rose-tinted glasses, and be happy and content with everything I have done and achieved, and regret nothing. And to think, if I had changed my decision slightly at the end of my year 12, I probably wouldn’t be where I am now.


un favorito #01

Let me introduce to you Mimi Thorisson, the creator and author of The blog Manger.

I have been following Thorisson for a few years already, and soon, so will you! Ever since I saw the YouTube video she collaborated with Mr Porter, I knew from then my future was set. After I am done with the design business, I will move to France with Peter, to a beautiful country property, with our french bulldog and corgi, and then from there just cook and open a small bistro and take many photos.

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A good friend of mine, Haneen Martin – Founder of Zombie Queen and Consulting, has been working very hard over the last couple of years. She has been doing many jobs, still finishing her architecture degree and she is on her way of becoming a house hold name within the artist circles, and yesterday I was able to get some time on my hands and head down to her latest curating gig for YYK —> ADL (From Yogyakarta to Adelaide)

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