Osteria Oggi Adelaide

There is always a good chance I’m usually filling myself up with either rice, bread or pasta. I could possibly live off all three for the rest of my life happily. So today in this post, instead of bringing you my short mini trip to the Flinders Rangers that I did mentioned in my last post. I will bring you Pasta instead, and good one of that.

Let me introduce to you Osteria Oggi.

Located on 76 Pirie Street, Adelaide. This very new, fresh off the block restaurant has opened its doors and welcomed the locals of Adelaide to peek inside and binge on their delectable fresh pasta and wine. I mean what could you want more?

After being sent a link by a good friend of mine, another blogger (you can find him here, if your into in depth reading and insight into architecture – *Tin your welcomed) I couldn’t be more happy. Finding a good pasta place is always a treat, plus anything new that opens in Adelaide always gets a good gossip among the grape vine. Therefore I lured my foodie friend Fen into coming with me on this pasta adventure and we headed in.




The first Thing you do notice is the interior and how long and far it goes. I mean the bar itself just makes me water with jealously, and hoping that one day I would be able to fit one in my dream home. The curved and heavy arches makes the space inmate and gives it age.

IMG_8480  IMG_8465

The decor is simple, warm and clean. I really fancied the green colour blocking and the black and white tiles.

Now to the pasta!! Having a Italian father had it perks when growing up and making pasta from scratch was one of them. Fresh pasta or access to some is always good for the soul, however my dad would say wine is better. After recommendation from our lovely waiter, we pretty much went with everything he suggested, minus the wine…  unfortunately, since both of us were not big wine drinkers. First  we had a small entree – Parmigiana Flan with meat ragu.


The flan was really soft. The texture is almost like scramble eggs but in a good way, hope that makes sense 🙂 The Ragu went down really well and gave the dish a good savory boost.

For the mains, I went with the Tagliatelle, with blue swimmer crab, blackened corn and black garlic puree.


This was a highlight, I highly recommended it. The pasta was smooth and the good mix of the herbs and slight hint of chili really made this dish. Though I had to wait for it a little, it was worth it. As well as the size serving was perfect, wasn’t too much and made me content.

My friend went with the Pappardelle, with seared chicken livers, soffritt and chicory.


The pasta lived up to its reputation, however my friend had second thoughts on the chicken liver. In the end the dishes were fragrant and the staff were really friendly though look very much under the pump, it seemed that we came at the lunch time rush. Though since they just recently opened, may have to give them a benefit of the doubt when it came to service time.



Because we were seated at the front of the restaurant, we weren’t too sure how the rest of the place looked, especially since we notice the waiters dashing around quite quickly from afar.

So as we journeyed further in to use the bathroom, we found that the restaurant really opens up. There are small intimate booths on the sides, with great large communal tables stretched out. The room was well lit, and planting seem to fall from the half rounded suspended tubes. Also they do have a downstairs cellar which can be hired out for wine tastings and private parties.


I hope you enjoyed this blog (almost felt like a youtuber just saying that), here are some links if you would like to delve in further in this culinary delight. Enjoy.

Osteria oggi  Menu


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