Today’s Mood #03


“We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine”

Eduardo Galeano

You get to those days where inspiration is hard to come by. There is no doubt in my mind that it is like the ocean, it comes and goes with each passing moon. Until you finally decided to give it a break and then it hits you like a tidal wave, engulfing you, and sometimes to a point where its all too much, and you lose it again.

There was a time in my adolescent and childish years that I thought creativity and inspiration was something you can max out like a credit card. That you need to cherish each one and try not to overload yourself, because you might burn out. However I have grown out of that, and realize that sometimes you just need another person’s opinion, or completely different environment to expand your thoughts and let it drift on its on for a while, that or a bottle wine. Whichever you choose.

(The photo above was taken on a recent road trip I had with one of my cousin’s and my sister to the Flinders Rangers. It was a long drive, but worth it. Hopefully I will get them all edited for a post soon 🙂  fingers cross)


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