Brain Milk by Bronte Stolz

I thought I would do a little quick blog mention about the first solo exhibition of Bronte Stolz, hosted and run by Zombie Queen Art & Consulting, which is exhibiting within the Adelaide CBD at the Floating goose.

After a session at the Belgium bar with my mates, to warm our frozen bones from the cold icy weather we are experiencing, we drove up and had a look inside. The work is amazing, like really amazing, I’m just sad I didn’t get enough photos of the artwork. The composition of the artwork and the use of rich dark under-toning colours really expressed the mood the artist was trying to convey. The mini sculpture heads are weirdly cool, with a dark and heavy presence, but were full of expression.

“Through my work I want to express the hope, despair, worth, futility and overall wonder of this strange situation we have all come to know, and some to love, as existence. I want to make people ponder humanity, their minds, their perception of life in general. I hope to show others how I view this experience of living, the mechanics of being and the marvelous ride of our minds through this wild ole existence. All aboard comrades.” Bronte Stolz


One of my favourite works was the body of a man and a women merged together as one, the man is facing the right and the women is facing the left. Something about the blending of these two bodies really resonated with me, it could mean a silent divide or beautiful growing union, but either way, interpretation is entirely up to the individual.









Floating Goose Studio is located on 9 Carrington Street, Adelaide. Is open on Fridays 3-9pm and Saturdays and Sundays 10am – 4pm

If you can’t make the visit over, I will make a link HERE, HERE and HERE for more images and details of his work. Enjoy 🙂


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