Papa Rich anyone?

Earlier this year my dear cousin Antoine graduated from his engineering and arts bachelor degrees, it has been a long time coming. He started university a year before me and he was my rock during that first year of loneliness, as I studied my bachelor. I have always been socially awkward, and having someone familiar with me for those first two years, made it easier, and it meant I had a library buddy to cover over notes, or procrastinate with.

So it was just fitting to celebrate with him on this day. His family made it to the ceremony in time,  and luckily the clouds stayed away. Since it was cold, we thought comforting food would hit the right spot, so came Papa Rich.

It was my first time going to Papa Rich, my other cousin Ester highly recommended it, however gave us a warning we might be in for a wait. However luckily for us, we managed to miss the masses and get a table.



IMG_6656 IMG_6655 IMG_6648

Looking through the large well bounded menu, it was clear Papa rich is all about comfort eating and all the Malaysian delights you can think of.  I mean even my cousins were super keen on everything in the book, it was a hard choice I kid you not.



Just looking at the drinks menu, I mean pictures included.. too much to handle.

I started to reminisce about my first trip over to Malaysia where I remembered having Milo Ice. Which doesn’t sound fancy, but in the hot weather, and needing a good pick me up that doesn’t require caffeine, it was heavenly. Unfortunately I didn’t go for anything that day and just stuck with water.


So we placed our orders on our little menu sheet, pressed our table button, our waiter came swiftly in, took our list, swiftly disappeared and reappeared soon with the drinks.

IMG_6668  IMG_6669

My cousins however knew exactly what they wanted and went for a Tropical lime drink, which tasted refreshing but very sweet, almost a whole dessert in a drink.

IMG_6672  IMG_6674 IMG_6677

Now the food! We waited for a bit, but it was worth the wait. Newly Graduated Antoine went with the Pappa special Nasi Lemak. Which includes sambal prawns, fried peanuts, fried anchovies, curry chicken, steam rice, hard boiled eggs and cucumber slices.


My little cousin Joy, went with the Roti Canai with a homemade Indian Tandoori Chicken. I mean look at that chicken leg…..


Ester went for the Satay Mix. Both Beef and Chicken, that way everyone would be able to have a stick to try.

IMG_6697  IMG_6694

While I went for a Roti Canai with Beef Rendang


Just looking at all these lovely goodness, it is no wonder Papa Rich has gain such a quick following. When we all were served our dishes, there was nothing more than to pick up our silverware and dive right into the plates of deliciousness.

IMG_6708  IMG_6707  IMG_6706The Satay sticks was a great add on, they were tender and the peanut sauce that came with the dish really complemented it well.  I mean I could buy a tube full of it if I am being honest.

IMG_6702 IMG_6704As more people started to settle in, we were starting to get full. We were planning on getting dessert, however that fell through, due to our food babies and the dessert in a cup, filling those sugary needs. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t either, power through that food babies and try some of their sago’s and their ABC (which is shaved ice, with toppings that consist of beans, corn and sultanas and many more)

It was good to be all together, and it was a nice quiet celebration for Antoine to officially finishing his years of education. And to be honest that’s all you need, good company, good food and good conversation.

IMG_6700  IMG_6699

Papa Rich in Adelaide is located on 116 Gouger Street, and they are open daily, from 11:00 to 9:30.

However if you are interstate there are number locations in Victoria, as well as New South Wales, Canberra and Western Australia. No in Aus? Don’t fret they also go international, so just head to their website here for more details.

Papa Rich is great comforting food and the smell is amazing. So head on over if you in the mood or just wanting a peek into their large menu.


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