The impossible… winged eye

I am no beauty guru, and almost being in my mid twenties I am still just catching up on the make up front. But OH how I’ve envied my friends and other women who could pull this look together in seconds, so natural their flare with the pen, like it was just an extension of their limb, but maybe that’s just me.

One of the girls in my course would always come in and without fail had the best winged eye of the day, and knew very well she had, that she took pride in the compliments that she had gotten. She once told my friend and I, how she would get recognised by the local barista, because of the high level of perfection. I mean if that happens, you know your good. It wasn’t ever overly bold or thick, just very streamline and with the perfect flick.

Also is it me or is cats eye and winged eye are just the same thing?


Enthusiasm, patience and confidence would be the right words when attempting this stroke of greatness.

I think one of the reasons why we women always want to attempt this venture, is probably the fact that a simple line over the eye can refresh your look to something more modern or edgy. That it could actually make you feel a little more done up, without the need for layers of make up. If your like me and on some days prefers only moisturizer and a pressed powder, just adding the little flick, can help you pretend you put some sort of effort in your look that day.

I still haven’t mastered the line, and will always be at that crossroads, of whether or not which methods are best pencil or liquid. As well as seeing the difference between getting the pricey Dior pen and the mid cost L’Oreal Paris range, to each to their own….

However here’s some little help from vogue and the forever cool Alexa Chung to get you on your way, and if not, may I suggest some of these the eyeliner hacks.

As well as check out one of my favourite beauty website The File, they have great guides and sneak peeks into the homes and products of models and beauty/fashion directors. Go forth and prosper.


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