An easy Sunday night.

Reaching a milestone or completing a long period of time in your life, whether it be a job, moving place or in my case and my friends, University. It can be hard to find room for those same people who used to be a weekly, if not daily, presence in your life.

Though on the plus side, it does however give great excuses to close rank, pull out some gin and do some catching up.

My friends and I decided to head on out on a quiet Sunday night at STREET – ADL.

Located 285 Rundle Street, this place has a great interior, from their wall art, to their large communal tables and is good for those sunny afternoons after work, when their windows are pushed wide open, allowing you to get that nice breeze and atmosphere.




IMG_6923 IMG_6915

Even though there was only a handful of people in and chatting away under the well lit dome lights, it did provided us with the perfect, easy and relaxing catching up environment.

We had a long table to ourselves, no crowding, no waiting lines at the bar and had a lovely singer, serenading us with renditions of Sam Smith covers.

Street- Adl has a diverse menu ranging from food truck meals like Mac n cheese with pulled pork and cheese burgers, to so something like Jamon & wagyu bresaola bruschetta and peking chicken pancakes, and many more.

However for this night we were wanting something small and went with some hot chips, flat bread and gin of course. Oh and did you know its World Gin Day coming up?

IMG_6905  IMG_6906


There was some struggle with the cutting of the flat bread, all hands were on deck getting this baby up, while I’m the friend on the side lines cheering on and documenting the battle.

We did win in the end, and the bread was really good, thick, soft and great a dressing on top.






They have a good list of gins to choose from Dodds – Hammer and son – the Bontanist, either way it warmed us up and hit the right spots, especially since Adelaide is under the clouds of winter at the moment.

IMG_6912 IMG_6929


It was funny seeing how cold it was outside and yet there was a small tickle of people walking on by fighting the cold, and some slowing making their way in for a late bite to eat.

We chatted away about future trips, new relationships, tutoring and of course the house mate, it felt good to not talk about uni assignments anymore. Being a architectural student it was hard not too, since it felt like it took over a good half of ours lives.

Last year I had decided to continued on with further study, while my friends hung up their boots, packed up their scale rulers and went out into the world of vase possibilities.

As the time began to get away from us and our drinks were now bare with just ice, we decided to head on out and brace ourselves for the cold.

Street-Adl is open all week from 11am to late.



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