Time for some Exchange

Coffee in Australia has come down to an art form, and is treated as a luxury, even when rushing to class with a heavy bag over ones shoulder and books in hand, we go out of our way to go to our favourite spot to get that great cuppa. In Adelaide you can find the normal chains like Hudson Coffee, CIBO and Gloria jeans sprouting out, but when you find a place that is tuck away and has it own cult following you can’t help but to join in.

With its high ceiling, large windows and the ultimate corner spot, Exchange Specialty Coffee settles in, in a subtle way, and has perfect viewing conditions for people watching.

Now I will put my hand up and say I am no expert in coffee, though I did do a short tafe course in high school, training to be a barista, got the certificate and health and safety documents to prove it, but I never put it to good use unfortunately, which I do regret, since it would have help during those dark student money times. However I do have a good appreciation for it, and my lovely man and my other coffee drinking expert friends do approve of this place.





 “I keep getting told the coffee’s good but it’s definitely the location for me. Kind of out of the way, and especially nice if you get a seat out” – Tin




After having lunch in Ebenezer Place, Peter and I wandered over and tuck inside and grabbed our spot at the window. I have always found it relaxing, sitting at the window counter, sipping your drink quietly, watching the mild flow of people coming and going.

The west facing window faces out to the beautiful brick building of the Belgium beer cafe. We both always comment on the little details, like the timber over hangs, the deep red bricks and the timber window frames and steel supporting beams. I always said I would love to have a bar detailed door, something sleek before entering my loft.


Peter went with a filtered coffee.

Exchange specialise in filtered coffee and use a number of little gadgets, and one of them is the  AeroPress, where the coffee grains are place in a tube, hot water is then poured over, mix and then a plunger is place into the tube and press down. This then pushes the coffee through a metal disk at the bottom of the tube and then into a cup. Then they serve it up to you on a board, and the cup is pretty cool as well.


IMG_6756    IMG_6757

They also give you nice little information card, on the history of the coffee beans.

IMG_6761  IMG_6760

But as for me I went with their traditional Belgium hot chocolate – Mörk Chocolate. Now I will say I know my hot chocolate! Maybe I would go as far as I am a little obsess over chocolate, I’m eating some right now as I write this.

There is the milky and sweet kinds you get from the shops, which I always find is okay, but doesn’t give much strength, or bang for your buck. But I am pleased when I do find a place that uses deep rich chocolate. Smooth, good strength and not burning in the mouth.



 I wonder if there is such thing as chocolate readings.



We chatted away about Uni and watched some trendy people walk on by, sipping occasionally as if the world had stood still for us. Exchange does give you a little hide away, a private space, yet among people who are doing the exact same thing.

They do have a food menu, good for breakfast with their filling waffles with berries, and for lunch my friend Tin recommends the Reuben.

They are open throughout the week, and located on 12-18 Vardon Ave, Adelaide.



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