Sunshine and brekkie on a rainy day

Typically on Saturdays I wake up turning off my many alarms at 7:00 am, get dress, make some tea, and then drink only half of it after realising how fast time goes by. Then get into the car, pick up my colleague and head off to work at my local farmers market. However last Saturday I had the morning off, due to Anzac day, and my lovely colleague Jenny thought we should breakfast the morning away. If you ask you shall receive.

I have always found it hard to do breakfast in the city, because usually some places aren’t open during the weekend, or just don’t have much to offer in variety. But alas I’ll be taking you down south, close to my home town. About 45min drive from Adelaide is this a town called Willunga, and here tuck away is a lovely french bistro. It was my first time here and I found it so lovely, so let me introduce you to La Terre.





The Place is quint and small, but not too small that you feel cramp or intruding a secret society. Coloured with a deep bright yellow, with present architectural homages to the before country house and it felt very comfortable, we found our seats, and settled in.

IMG_6492  IMG_6491


The menu was good, there was the two favourite options, Plain Perdu – French toast with prosciutto, goats cheese & Cinnamon Honey, and Eggs  “Cocotte” of the day with salad and mushrooms. But we both went with the basic options and ordered our beverages.



One fact about me is that I am a lover of hot chocolate… Coffee doesn’t always sit well with my belly, so I feel like I am a connoisseur of this frothy beverage, but Jenny being a true Italian, hit the hard stuff.


IMG_6498 IMG_6494

Jenny went with the “L’omelette” with Swiss cheese, green salad and pesto dressing.

IMG_6510  IMG_6514

While I dig into the very classic eggs benedict with mushrooms, capsicum twist & chef’s hollandasie sauce.

IMG_6518  IMG_6521 IMG_6523

The food was gooooood and light, perfect for a sunny morning. Though we did experience some rainfall but it only lasted for a couple of minutes, made me panic a bit, since not arming myself with an umbrella.

We chatted some more before heading off into the morning sun. La Terre is open during the weekend and through to Tuesdays and Thursdays, so if your in the area, head over and surround yourself in yellow.




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