My Golden Apple… Golden boy

Located at 309 North Terrace, Adelaide is my crème de la crème and one of my favorite restaurants,  Golden Boy.

My first time coming into this jewelry box of loveliness was a good year ago, when I was meeting a few friends of mine, before we all went our separate ways for the Uni break. The place was full of people, the music wasn’t overly loud and the staff were obviously well pick, greeting you with great enthusiasm and cool. We all went with the chef menu that night, and were continuously welcomed by large generous sharing plates. Their menu goes by traditional Thai cuisine, but with a few modern twists.

Now coming back again, it hasn’t changed one bit, woot woot.



I mean looking at the decor, it just makes you want to take a part of it with you home. To the unique light shades, ceiling titles and not the mention the walls, with a combination of sketches, drawings and prints.

 IMG_6149 IMG_6142


Taking my right hand women, Fen, who is part food expert and possibly the next best thing on MasterChef, we settled in and melted over the wide menu. It was her first time to Golden Boy, and I thought it would be something nice before we headed off to our Ed Sheeran concert.





One of my obvious choices was the Szechuan Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings, with gangster sauce and lemon. It is most likely at the top, of my top 5 chicken wings of all time, being a Filipino, fried chicken can easily be a staple.




Southern curry with salmon belly, turmeric, kaffir lime leaf, bamboo shoot with side chilled greens. It wasn’t as hot as the waiter had warned us, but it was gooooood.






 We were pacing ourselves… sorry for the messy plates.


Then came the Crispy “Morning Glory” Salad with pork and prawn mince and saw tooth coriander. This was a delight to the eyes, especially all the colours and textures.



 The waiter was kind enough to explain to us how to prepare it.

You remove the bowl from the plate, and spread the veggies out, and pour the lovely goodness all over…..


 And toss!! and then dive right in!!



I always find that if you are in a place that has great mood lighting and great warmth you want to relax and take it easy. Even my friend Fen said she wish we could have stayed longer and just chatted some more, but alas Ed Sheeran was waiting for us and we had to go off. We had some left overs, so we kindly asked if we can take it home with us.

The room was still buzzying and full of people by the time we left, and it was nice to see it full.

The entry also lights up pink at night, pulling you in more, intriguing you, almost like a honey trap. But then it does pays off, if you can get a seat 🙂




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