When Jean Paul Gaultier came to visit

During January this year, I was lucky enough to be in Melbourne when the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition was showing at the National gallery of Victoria. The exhibition itself was a collection of all his most popular and most renowned pieces. It went through his film collaborations, with stunning costume designs, to his works with Madonna and her world tour.

It was just a delight. It is a touring exhibition and I am not sure where it is now, however if you do get a chance to go, I highly recommend it. Warning this does contain spoilers.

IMG_5007  IMG_5008  IMG_5015

The line was long that day, however it was moving at a good speed. I also tattooed myself, asked a lady in the line where she got her trendy bag, before we grab our tickets and went in to join the mass of Gaultier fan followers.

IMG_5019 IMG_5021

If you can see (apologies for the poor quality) there are faces on the mannequins that actually move and talk. It is the most incredible thing to see live. I huddle in and tape the strapping Jean Paul one who was welcoming everyone to the exhibition.

IMG_5022  IMG_5023

This lovely lady was my favourite out of all the talking mannequins. She spoke fondly of her teddy bear and her bedroom, and her cage dress looked so delicate. If only I could pull off a ginger Amy Winehouse inspired hairdo and speak beautiful french, I think my life would be set.


This was one of the highlights of the exhibition. The very chic models were placed on a revolving catwalk and they had seats on the side for visitors to sit and enjoy the show.


IMG_5028 IMG_5029  IMG_5032

Gaultier is the king of layering, and not only in his detail but in the craftsmanship. Though in some eyes it is just clothing, in many others it is art. The ability to create something that can be enjoyed from a visual point of view is commendable, just take this stunning piece.

IMG_5033  IMG_5034  IMG_5035

The very sensual part of the exhibition, the red room.


IMG_5038  IMG_5039  IMG_5040  IMG_5042

Now entering the the film collection. This room was such a contrast to the last one, it had mirrors everywhere and they had a continuous loop of all the clips of films he collaborated with.

IMG_5043  IMG_5044  IMG_5045  IMG_5046

This room was a lot to take in, the pieces in here were at a very high quality. As well as the time that went into each cut, hand beading and crocodile skin, it was incredible.


IMG_5049  IMG_5056  IMG_5057  IMG_5060

This was most likely my favourite piece. I was impress by the amount of beading and hand work that went into it. Also the colours, shear fabrics and pattern detail complimented each other.

IMG_5052  IMG_5053  IMG_5055   



Hands down one of the best fashion exhibitions I have been to. Even though there were many people around, it was good to over hear so many opinions, delighted faces and awes while wondering through. As we exited the delight, beautiful and imaginary world of Gaultier, he said his goodbye at the door via a recorded video and the women on my left blew him a kiss goodbye. 


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