Sunshine and brekkie on a rainy day

Typically on Saturdays I wake up turning off my many alarms at 7:00 am, get dress, make some tea, and then drink only half of it after realising how fast time goes by. Then get into the car, pick up my colleague and head off to work at my local farmers market. However last Saturday I had the morning off, due to Anzac day, and my lovely colleague Jenny thought we should breakfast the morning away. If you ask you shall receive.

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My Golden Apple… Golden boy

Located at 309 North Terrace, Adelaide is my crème de la crème and one of my favorite restaurants,  Golden Boy.

My first time coming into this jewelry box of loveliness was a good year ago, when I was meeting a few friends of mine, before we all went our separate ways for the Uni break. The place was full of people, the music wasn’t overly loud and the staff were obviously well pick, greeting you with great enthusiasm and cool. We all went with the chef menu that night, and were continuously welcomed by large generous sharing plates. Their menu goes by traditional Thai cuisine, but with a few modern twists.

Now coming back again, it hasn’t changed one bit, woot woot.

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Table Etiquette

When talking about table manners I am no expert and no model for modern day etiquette that’s for sure, but hey since we are here we might as well have a chat, and together brush up on one or two pointers. I looked up some rules online for basic table manners, Nothing too complicated and pretty straight forward.

1 – Napkins should be placed on the lap as soon as you are seated. When you get down from the table, leave the napkin, unfolded on the table, to the left of the place setting.

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When Jean Paul Gaultier came to visit

During January this year, I was lucky enough to be in Melbourne when the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition was showing at the National gallery of Victoria. The exhibition itself was a collection of all his most popular and most renowned pieces. It went through his film collaborations, with stunning costume designs, to his works with Madonna and her world tour.

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