A Pho break

When its cold outside or when I’m feeling for something hearty and filling, I usually go for two things ramen or pho. Though what am I kidding either one is just as good and both contains noodles.

For today lets go for the latter. Pho!!

Getting a quick lunch with Peter down at the local Mr Viet was a sure things, the staff are friendly and they have a good menu ranging from Pho, Mĺ tuoi and Gõi Cuṑn.


Starting with an Vietnamese ice coffee is the way to go, but do not be fooled it is strong and they usually use sweetened condense milk. Its made through a metal french drip filter and poured over ice.

IMG_6023  IMG_6024

But lets talk about Pho!! It has a beef broth, with rice noodles, onions, spring onions and bean sprouts. Its a dish that normally in Vietnam is eaten during breakfast and sometimes lunch.

They had a offering of beef, chicken or combination, we both went with beef.


But of course you can add little extras, and they offered us a little supply to custom our toppings.

IMG_6029  IMG_6031


We also got a little snack on the side called Bánh Bao, served in a fluffy steamed envelope bun, with herbs, chilly and your choice of bbq or roast Oink’s.


We tuck into our pho and stirred up all its goodness and chow down.

IMG_6038  IMG_6039 IMG_6040

Then we had a juicy little pockets of Bánh Bao, we went for both the roast and bbq. I was pretty full from the pho, so my lovely took the last one….. ah scarifies.

IMG_6041  IMG_6046

IMG_6044 IMG_6045

Mr Viet is open weekly and do get pack during the lunch breaks, so grab a quick seat and tuck in 🙂


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