Pimm’s or Gin?

I am either tuning into the sound of sad violin chorus or turning up the drums, because sadly it is the last weekend of the Fringe Festival.

Most of the events are held every day from the 13th of February to the 15th of March, which means when your a local you end up going more than once, which happened to me on many occasions. The Fringe Festival spreads all across Adelaide and into the outer suburbs, but when your in the CBD the main big venues are the places to go. There is Gluttony, The Garden of Earthly delights and the Royal Croquet Club.

Last week Peter and I were doubling with my cousin Ester, and her fiance at the Croquet Club and we rushed in before seven to avoid the $5 entry, ch-aching saving like a pro. I mean even before you enter you are welcome by their quite cute and stylish mascots.


IMG_5503 IMG_5504 IMG_5795


There is no Croquet Club without a bit of Croquet. It was nice seeing that these events were also family friendly, and attracted a mix of people through its doors. I mean the Fringe gave people an excuse to go out and really enjoy the rest of summer days, especially during the long weekdays.


IMG_5752 IMG_5816

The Croquet Club is divided into two area’s. The north side is mostly where all the food and larger seating area are held and the south is where all the show tents were set up. Which is an improvement from last year which only had the north side, with both venders, bars and tents.

We walk around for a bit, but got down to business pretty quickly. That’s right, the good stuff, the food!

IMG_5759 IMG_5757 IMG_5786  IMG_5785 IMG_5784

Jamaican-me-crazy sounded mouth watering to us. We went with:

Jerk Chicken – With Traditional rice & peas and a Hajian slaw

JMC hot wings – With a spicy caribean sauce

Grilled Corn – With chipotle aioli

Bahama burger – Local beef burger, hatian slaw and pineapple relish

I mean…….

IMG_5765 IMG_5766


IMG_5767 IMG_5768 IMG_5772Then I made a complete fool of myself and accidentally started chewing down on my cousin sweetcorn. In the end we laughed it off and they allowed me to keep it… probably the best mistake I made, it was so good.

IMG_5762 IMG_5778  IMG_5781  IMG_5783

IMG_5787  IMG_5753

IMG_5755 IMG_5788 IMG_5792 Peter had to leave early for his late shift. So Ester, her fiance and I drank and enjoyed the rest of the night away.

IMG_5805  IMG_5806  IMG_5807  IMG_5810  IMG_5812  IMG_5815  IMG_5789

IMG_5817  IMG_5839

It ended up being quite cold at night, so went hunting for hot chocolate or anything warm and sweet. Finally we settled for Waffles at St Louis, and made a long drive back home. Till next time Croquet. Till next time.



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