All about the Mandoo

I will admit I am a sucker for dumplings, I even get random cravings for it often and my man can vouch for that. I will hone down the frozen ones that you get from the shops, to the expensive ones where you only receive a serving of three on a plate. Which I had in New York on my 23rd birthday dinner.

A few weeks back my friends and I met up at this cozy Korean Dumpling restaurant called Mandoo, which is on Bank St, Adelaide. They don’t take reservations, so first come first serve type of deal. It’s a small, well lit and you can see the dumpling being hand made from across the room.  Even though they would benefit with a bigger dinning space and more tables, the coziness suits the style of the owners and the people that patiently wait in line outside.

I mean… looking back on these photos, it’s starting to make me hungry, and yet it is twelve at night and I have a Uni field trip in the morning.

IMG_5642  IMG_5643



Once we were seated, we already knew what we wanted to order. Since there were a few of us, and some of our friends were coming late, we went with the shared hotpot. The staff were friendly and quick on their feet to serve us. We were greeted with small bowls of pickles, seaweed, kimchi and spicy hot sauce.






IMG_5654   IMG_5665

The show stopper was still to come. It was like something coming down from the heavens, as one of the staff members swiftly carried it out and over our shoulders. It was full of colours, textures and smells.

It was made up of dumplings, fish cakes, tofu and noodles. It had an array of vegetables and sesame seeds nicely placed on top. It was a delight for the eyes. I haven’t tried their hotpots before, so it was a treat for me to see it for the first time.

IMG_5655  IMG_5656  IMG_5657  IMG_5660


As we allowed it to boil away, which would then allow the lovely juices to start cooking the noodles inside the pot. Then slowly pushing the vegetables gently towards the liquid, it would also start cooking them as well.

We had the main chef and owner of Mandoo, come over and showed us how it was done.

IMG_5672  IMG_5673

But Once the noodles were cooked, and the vegetables well mixed into the soup. There is nothing left then to dig in!!

IMG_5677  IMG_5680    IMG_5682 IMG_5684 IMG_5686 

It was a good amount between the four of us, that’s also including our two late comers. It didn’t left us feeling too full and we were able to walk away without needing to loosens our belts.



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