Please say Please

When it’s 8:00 in the evening and you’re feeling for some kind of boost to your energy, coffee can be a safe bet. However when you hear through the grapevine that someone is offering it in a form of a martini, you put your dancing shoes on and tap right over.

Please say Please is a little coffee shop on Grenfell St, Adelaide, and usually opens seven o’clock sharp in the morning and closes at four in the arvo. The boys are always lovely and one weekend they had decided to do something different for a change. They collaborated with a bar name Proof, and turned their little shop into a bar for 3 nights.

So I gathered my two ladies and decided to see what they have created.




My lovely friend (on the right) helping the guys out for the few nights. Still sexy as ever but off the market gents.



IMG_5698 IMG_5695  This gentleman tried to avoid getting his head in, not fast enough.


So what’s on the menu? I have to admit I was very impress by their selection as well as their drawings.


Being a lover of cider, the G & tea does look promising. As well as the Pedestrian and Rumble in the Jungle. Who am I kidding, they all look good! My friend suggested to me the Chai Hard with vengeance, which is made up of: seven spice chai, gin, apple and lemon. She practically said it’s like apple pie, and apple pie and gin are always good friends in my books.

My friends ended up getting the Pedestrian (vodka, hazelnut and house blend espresso) and Rumble in the Jungle (rum, vanilla, hazelnut and Ethiopian espresso)



IMG_5710 IMG_5711



I cannot tell you enough how good they were in the end. It also surprised me how well it worked together. The martinis had a strong coffee flavour, however, the other ingredients did smooth it out. My apple pie in the glass was sweet and strong at the same time. Personally I am not into chai, but this was good. We ended up just chatting and gossiping away as more people huddled in and eyed down the menu. Unfortunately this is a one off for the time being, but it was a success in our eyes.


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