A Pho break

When its cold outside or when I’m feeling for something hearty and filling, I usually go for two things ramen or pho. Though what am I kidding either one is just as good and both contains noodles.

For today lets go for the latter. Pho!!

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a little bit of Plant porn

I thought I would give you some beautiful green images to lighten up your day or night, as well as a small look into my cities Botanic Gardens. The reason why I say small is because unfortunately I didn’t take as many shots of the grounds themselves. This was because I was off plant hunting for an assignment, however when summer approaches again, I will gear up and give you a grand tour. For now enjoy some greenery and a little plant 101

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Pimm’s or Gin?

I am either tuning into the sound of sad violin chorus or turning up the drums, because sadly it is the last weekend of the Fringe Festival.

Most of the events are held every day from the 13th of February to the 15th of March, which means when your a local you end up going more than once, which happened to me on many occasions. The Fringe Festival spreads all across Adelaide and into the outer suburbs, but when your in the CBD the main big venues are the places to go. There is Gluttony, The Garden of Earthly delights and the Royal Croquet Club.

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All about the Mandoo

I will admit I am a sucker for dumplings, I even get random cravings for it often and my man can vouch for that. I will hone down the frozen ones that you get from the shops, to the expensive ones where you only receive a serving of three on a plate. Which I had in New York on my 23rd birthday dinner.

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