LA RAMBLA 28 Peel street

Personally I am not superstitious, so Friday the 13 was never something I thought about twice. However I always seem to find myself enjoying this day. And this year I was in the city to check out the Fringe parade, the Fringe is massive festival that just engulfs Adelaide every year and brings a lot of life into the city, but I will get to that in another post.

Peter and I just finish our drinks at Jack Ruby, which is this great bar and restaurant in the city with an urban gangster American feel. However their kitchen was pretty busy and it would have been a 45min wait, and when a girl wants to eat she ain’t waiting, so we went hunting.

We wanted to stay close to where the parade was being held and at the same time try something new, so we were pretty stoke when we stumbled across this bar, which had seats and no food waiting time, holla!

So we huddled in and goggled over the menu.

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La Rambla is a Tapas Bar on Peel Street. The bar has three floors and the building itself is beautifully retained. The music wasn’t overly too loud so I was able to talk to Peter without the fear of toppling over my seat and the staff were really friendly while they magically created their cocktails in front of us.


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This guy was making his signature drink, that looked like coffee. Didn’t take any final photos, I was being mesmerized by his magic skills.

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One day I will have a shelf like this in my kitchen

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But Lets talk about food!! Which is always the best part.

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We didn’t ordered too much, but I mean when it come to tapas a little goes a long way. We ended up ordering a Potato dished called Patatas Bravas that one of the bar staff recommended and even the man sitting next us commented on it, and Peter even offered him some.

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This was far my favourite dish, its like bite size pieces of nachos but BETTER and with a great tomato and cream topping. I devoured this dish more.

We also had a Spicy Shrimp dish, it had a nice smoke grilled taste to it and the sauce was super rich and with a great slice of bread to soak it all up would be hermosa!!

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Our Third dish was a Black sausage sliders. Inside the meat had this vibrant red colour and the texture was soft and reminded me of a Filipino sausage Longanisa, which I miss and need to get my mum back on it.

The cured onions and lettuce was a good combination with the sausage, but like any other sausage lover, more is always better.

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After having our tummy filled and were well content, we had to get moving because outside the crowd was filling and King William was getting ready for the party to begin. But for now adios mi amigo.


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