Hello world!

Sitting here on my aunt and uncle’s couch still in my pjs and it is currently 9:53 am in Australia.

Last night I spent it eating fried chicken, sticky honey and soy pork and noodles while spending time with my cousins and their soon to be extended family (Ester my beautiful cousin is getting married later this year, pretty exciting) and played Firefall for a couple of hours online. Yes, first fact about me, I am a gamer, but only recently got back onto it.

So as this is my first blog post, let me introduce myself. My name is Arlyn and I live in Australia. I am going into my final year of University, and a huge part of me is wanting it to be finish and done with.

this is me having a green juice, will be honest, not into green juices, but this one was okay. It had lemon in it, so that's a winner.
this is me having a green juice, will be honest, not into green juices, but this one was okay. It had lemon in it, so that’s a winner.

All these late nights and endless projects that won’t ever come to reality are starting to rub me the wrong way, and even though it is scary going out in this large world, I really want to put my boots on and start running.

The safety bubble of university was comfy and warm, you had all your friends there. You know the place like the back of your hand and know all the quick routes to get around. Sort of like high school but more grown up. But like high school you need to and want to get out and do your own thing. Be free like a bird and roam the sky’s for your next big break. But enough of my Uni ranting, you probably will read more about it later this year.

On this blog I hope to take you around my area, show you some great places, take you on my travels and mini adventures and do a little cooking or attempt to and take you in like a friend.

But lets get back to my little city, despite what our neighboring cities say and my boyfriend at times (to my disappointment), is a hidden gem. More chilled than some places and is in the perfect location. To the west we have amazing beaches, south and north (pretty much all around) we have wineries just an hour away, and the airport is pretty close, 10-20mins tops, depending on traffic. Let’s not forget we are the festival state of Australia – well that’s what we call ourselves. But what the rest of Australia calls us Adelaide. woot woot.

I guess what I am trying to do is not only introduce a little of myself but also my city; give you a little taste and maybe a heads up, in case your from another state or a local. Hopefully I will do it justice.

That's my cousin on the right
This was the location where my cousin got engaged, looking over the beautiful city. This is her brother on the right.

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