Bananas for Tennis

Australian Open is always a wonder and an experience.Every now and again it’s a heatwave. Which is why I have rightly named this post “bananas for tennis”.

Earlier this year my sister and I decided to make the trip down to the Australian Open, with two of our friends. It was planned a couple of months in advance and I was jumping in my boots with every month that had passed.

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Here comes the Fringe

We call it Mad March and for good reason. As I had mentioned it before in my last post, this event really takes the city by storm. But the Fringe is only one of the events that takes over Adelaide, and its a big one. It starts in February and ends in March.

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LA RAMBLA 28 Peel street

Personally I am not superstitious, so Friday the 13 was never something I thought about twice. However I always seem to find myself enjoying this day. And this year I was in the city to check out the Fringe parade, the Fringe is massive festival that just engulfs Adelaide every year and brings a lot of life into the city, but I will get to that in another post.

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A Summer Stop In Venice

Today I am going to do some reminiscing. In 2013 my family and I went on a little trip to Europe. My mum, sister and I haven’t been and my dad being from Italy haven’t made the trip back for a very long time. Because of my sisters and I University commitments, we schedule the trip to coincide with our break. We decided to do a boat cruise, that would start in Venice and end in Barcelona, but would cruise the Mediterranean. But I will get to the other beautiful countries and cities another time.

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Hello world!

Sitting here on my aunt and uncle’s couch still in my pjs and it is currently 9:53 am in Australia.

Last night I spent it eating fried chicken, sticky honey and soy pork and noodles while spending time with my cousins and their soon to be extended family (Ester my beautiful cousin is getting married later this year, pretty exciting) and played Firefall for a couple of hours online. Yes, first fact about me, I am a gamer, but only recently got back onto it.

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